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Home Comfort

  • Looking for perfect comfort in your home no matter what the temperature is outside? Proper use and maintenance of your air conditioning system is key.
  • Home Comfort

Achieve the ideal indoor environment this winter
By following these few easy tips from American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning, you can enjoy cleaner, healthier and more comfortable air all winter long.

Schedule a checkup
Call us to perform a routine maintenance check of your heating system before winter—and holiday guests—arrive. This checkup ensures that all components are working properly and safely. To remind yourself, consider calling CAP's when the time changes in the fall.

Upgrade to variable speed heating
Variable speed heating increases your family's comfort and uses less energy. "Variable speed" refers to how a furnace's indoor blower motor runs. When the furnace operates at varying speeds, you can better control airflow in your home. Two-stage, variable heating allows furnaces to operate at an energy-saving lower speed and a higher speed, when needed, for more consistent air circulation. With this steadier, smarter system, your furnace doesn't have to turn on and off as frequently, and your home won't experience severe drops or increases in temperature.

Reprogram your thermostat
With a programmable thermostat, you can pre-set temperatures to match your family's comfort needs and hectic schedules. American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning's 800 Family 7-day Digital Programmable Comfort Control, for example, lets you pre-set temperatures for every day of the week to match your activities—whether you're home or going away for the holidays, hosting a party with lots of guests or spending a quiet evening in front of the fireplace. The thermostat's touchscreen controls are easy to use, and there are helpful side benefits: it tells you what the weather is like outside so you know how much you need to bundle up, and it reminds you when it's time to change your air filter.

Reduce heating costs naturally
Not only can you save energy costs by what you do inside your home, but also by what you can do outside your house. If you live in a region where winter temperatures are much more extreme than summer temperatures, you can consider planting trees and shrubs that protect your home from the wind, thus lowering the wind chill around your house. You'll need to find out what kinds of protective trees grow best in your climate, but a general rule of thumb is to plant evergreens and shrubs on the north and northwest side of your home for the best protection from winter winds. Avoid planting evergreens on the south side of your home, so that you take full advantage of the sun's warmth in in winter.